Camiila organizes the entire work experience

Camiila contributes to teamwork by converging team communication, emails, task management, and meetings with a wide array of powerful features.

Manage tasks across their entire life-cycle!

Delegate tasks, set due dates. Assign as many persons as you need to each task.

Comment and converse on tasks. Create sub-tasks.

Get notified when status of a task changes or when it becomes overdue.

See what your team is busy with. Prevent bottlenecks, keep up with the deadlines.

Network structure that adapts to any organization’s lineup

Assemble your teams around networks such as departments, customers, products, etc.

You decide who is involved to what extent: assign and manage user rights for each network

“Public” or “Restricted” network options to keep confidential information inside the network

Bundle your emails with the topics in your network

Get your emails automatically prioritized and sorted: Camiila’s self learning algorithms analyze and associate your emails with topics in your network.

Create and delegate tasks out of emails on the go.

Send/ receive emails directly out of Camiila’s email interface.

The best meeting facilitator, ever!

Organize meetings, set agendas, input and share meeting minutes, take simultaneous notes.

Get deliverables out of meeting minutes.

Follow-up on action items.

Store and share documents, converse under meetings.

Manage recurring meetings without redundant efforts.

Plain sailing instrument panel keep your bearings in place.

Straightforward dashboard to monitor performance metrics of your team.

Integrated calendar to help balance workload.

Company memory

Shared, centralized knowledge repository that can easily be searched, filtered and accessed.


Protected with bank grade security. Optional installation on local servers for companies with special security needs.

Seamless integration

Work from anywhere, on any device


Sort, categorize and filter your tasks and emails


Invite your customers and vendors to Camiila with varying degrees of user rights to extend collaboration across your business ecosystem


Access to all information related to any topic.

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