Data privacy and Access

Camiila has a fairly straightforward privacy policy that draws the lines in layman’s terms without resorting to legalese as much as possible.

We do our best to ensure your data, either residing in or moving through the Service, belongs to you and remains a matter of your, not our or someone else’s, privacy.

Camiila may access your data only under very specific conditions, such as providing you support with an issue or eliminating a bug or an error in the software. Your files in the Camiila cloud will never be opened without your express permission.

Discretion of your personal information

During the signup process, Camiila asks your rudimentary information such as your name, company name, and email address in order that a new account remains individualized and open to private communication regarding billing, updates, or other essential information.

Camiila is not in the business of selling personal information of its users to third parties. Learn more on the subject of real pokies online. If we wish to use your name or your company in marketing messages, that would be only after obtaining your express written permission about all aspects of usage.

Camiila keeps all correspondence with users, including questions, inquiries and support issues in its records in corporate memory for future reference. Your browsing across the marketing sections of Camiila website may be tracked for the purpose of statistical measurement and service optimization.

Camiila is curious about your opinion but never nosy about your confidentiality. From time to time, we may post surveys to resort to your voluntary views about various matters or ask you to evaluate the service and technical quality. The information we so glean is stored only until it ceases to be useful. That is the limit of our interest in your affairs on the Camiila platform.

Guest Users

When you add guest users to your teams, we send them an invitation to join Camiila and request them to provide us with certain additional contact information including their email addresses.

In such instances, you imply an existing business or personal relationship with such additional user and you will be deemed to be the natural initiator of communication with them, while we remain merely a service provider facilitating your sending of the invitation.

Exceptions to privacy

There may be exceptional occasions that may require us to share your information:

  • In response to your permission-based requests from us to provide products or services.
  • In cases required by law, including investigation, prevention, response or intervention concerning suspicions about unlawful or fraudulent activities, possibility of potential threat to the physical integrity of a person or infringement of our Terms of Service.

In case of a future merger or acquisition, which are definitely not the cases as of writing, Camiila will promptly inform you about it because such a contingency may bring about changes in the privacy policy and may involve transfer of information about you.

Court orders

Camiila defers only to a court order as far as handling your personal data to any public, local, federal, state or suprastate authority is concerned. However, if legal developments preclude our refusal to surrender your data, you will be informed by us that such demands are placed.

Data safety

With the servers of Camiila at one end and your browser or mobile device on the other end, all data transmission is encrypted via SSL/TLS. We encrypt the backups of the database as well. During its stay in our working database, we don’t encrypt the data because it should be at your disposal at all times. Concerning data-at-rest, Camiila follows the banking-grade industry standards.

Deleted data

Upon your cancellation of your account, the Camiila policy is to store data, including your personal information, all cancelled or completed activities, mailbox content and data not completely purged from the trash up to 30 days. The exception to the scope of deletion is the occurrence of your data items such as tasks, meetings, comments or emails in your team member’s corresponding accounts, which is an matter you need to resolve with them individually.

Safe harbor

Camiila is in the process of completing the requirements of compliance with the legal and technical aspects of the US-EU and US-Swiss safe harbor frameworks. For more information, please visit

Corrections to Personal Information

Contact us at if your personal information changes, or if you believe your personal information as we maintain it is incorrect, and we will carry out your request.

Unsubscribing and Opting Out

If you no longer wish to receive newsletters or other promotional materials, please use the provided link or other procedure to unsubscribe or opt out.

Changes & questions

The privacy policy of Camiila derives its strength from its simplicity and fairness. Just like you, we are also citizens across the digital service spectrum. Therefore, we at Camiila abide by the maxim of not doing unto others what we don’t want others do unto us.

This policy, may be updated, albeit rarely, and you will be duly notified by email or a prominently placed notice on the website. If you have any requests or further questions about your personal information, please contact


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