Camiila is a SaaS-based collaborative work management application that streamlines daily work cycle.

Today, we use multiple, disconnected applications to manage our daily https://it.medadvice.net/ work, wasting time and resources. Key problems include:
Scattered communication
Piles of uncategorized and unprioritized emails
The loss of organizational knowledge when employees leave the organizations
Dysfunctional meetings without agendas, takeaways and follow-ups

Camiila is a teamwork management platform that provides a transparent workplace with integrated collaboration tools: it integrates email, team communication and meetings around tasks to efficiently manage the daily work cycle.

Based on machine-learning algorithms, Camiila automatically associates emails to tasks, prioritizes them, facilitates meetings in order to plan, capture and track deliverables. It also extends team collaboration to customers, vendors and partners.

A team that uses Camiila will no longer have to use independent applications to manage tasks, to communicate, or to take meeting notes.

Camiila is offered on https://es.medadvice.net/ a subscription model and has 3 different licensing options. Public beta has been launched September 22nd at TechCrunch.

Founders of Camiila have been working together for the past 11 years. They have founded 2 other software companies, which now serve global Fortune 500 corporations and government entities at 35+ countries.